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hotshot72195's Medals

Total Medals Earned: 244 (From 31 different games.)
Total Medal Score: 6,975 Points

Africa Dudes

There Unlocked 10/25/10
25 Points
Sit there, shut up, and watch the entire thing...ALL THE WAY TO THE BITTER END.
There and Black Again Unlocked 10/25/10
50 Points
Watch Africa Dudes twice in a row, black to black! (Without re-loading your window!)
GO BACK TO AFRICA Unlocked 10/25/10
100 Points
Yeah, you're gonna sit there and watch it again - AND THIS TIME, YOU BETTER LOVE IT.

Medals Earned: 3/3 (175/175 points)

Alice is Dead - Ep 2

Happy Hatter Unlocked 3/5/10
25 Points
You must have left a positive impression on the hatter.
Hatter, Mad Unlocked 3/5/10
25 Points
The Hatter seems Madder.
Clam Sham Unlocked 11/16/10
50 Points
Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!
Something Fishy Unlocked 3/5/10
100 Points
Escape Jail and Trigger the Strange Device.

Medals Earned: 4/4 (200/200 points)

Alice is Dead - Ep 3

Brain Unlocked 11/16/10
10 Points
The more thoughtful problem solver.
Brawn Unlocked 11/16/10
10 Points
The more aggressive problem solver.
Out With a Ding Unlocked 11/16/10
25 Points
Beat the Game
Lucky Rabbit's Foot Unlocked 11/16/10
50 Points
Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!

Medals Earned: 4/4 (95/95 points)

Castle Crashing the Beard

Whiskered Away Unlocked 11/30/10
5 Points
Level Up once.
Beat to a Fulp Unlocked 12/1/10
50 Points
Defeat The Beard
Fabulous! 25 Points Reach the maxed out level.
Graven Image 25 Points Win without hitting a gravestone.
Power Razor 25 Points Win without losing a life.
The Fast and the Furriest 25 Points Defeat The Beard in less than 4 minutes (8160 frames)

Medals Earned: 2/6 (55/155 points)

Ching Chong Beautiful

Ignorance Isn't Bliss Unlocked 11/4/10
5 Points
Finish the Tutorial
Ching Champion! 25 Points Defeat the Wicked Obstacle Course!
Long Fall 25 Points Fall a long time for your ancestors
Long Slide 25 Points Slide a HELLA long time!
Too Close! 25 Points Save yourself from falling ten times
Big Baby 50 Points Earn all Platinums on Easy
Meet the Winners 50 Points Meet all the previous contestants
Brave as a Married Man 100 Points Earn all Platinums on Medium
Seppuku's Soul 100 Points Earn all Platinums on Hard

Medals Earned: 1/9 (5/405 points)

Darnell's Recount

DownForwardPunch Unlocked 12/1/10
5 Points
View the COMBOS page.
Floatin Unlocked 12/1/10
5 Points
Master the Fire Flip.
Teh Intran3tz Unlocked 12/1/10
5 Points
Visit the links page.
The Election Unlocked 12/1/10
5 Points
View the intro movie.
Medication Unlocked 12/1/10
10 Points
Drink the mystery potion.
Toasty Unlocked 12/8/10
25 Points
Light up 10 enemies with the FireBreath attack.
Animal Control Unlocked 12/8/10
50 Points
Fix the rodent problem in the Boiler Room.
Recount Unlocked 12/8/10
50 Points
Defeat the class president.
UberPWNT Unlocked 12/1/10
50 Points
Shut down the UberBot.
Yes We Can! Unlocked 12/8/10
50 Points
Beat the game.
Evil Dead 10 Points Get your chainsaw on!
SupaSpy 25 Points Find all 6 secret areas.
Thanks... 25 Points Light Zit Boy's Cigarette.
Must be the Afro. 100 Points Beat the game without dying.

Medals Earned: 10/14 (255/415 points)

Doodle Devil

Half Game Unlocked 11/29/10
10 Points
Half Of All Elements Discovered
Nuclear Bomb Unlocked 11/29/10
10 Points
Nuclear Bomb Discovered
7 Mortal Sins Unlocked 11/29/10
25 Points
7 Mortal Sins
All Game Unlocked 11/29/10
50 Points
All Element Discovered
All Game With No Hints Unlocked 11/29/10
100 Points
All Elements Discovered With No Hints (actually, you can ONE hint)

Medals Earned: 5/5 (195/195 points)

Doodle God

Doodle Almost-God Unlocked 11/29/10
10 Points
Combine 60 elements to advance civilization and your card collection!
Doodle Demi-God Unlocked 11/29/10
10 Points
Unlock half the category groups.
Doodle True-God Unlocked 11/29/10
50 Points
Discover all elements.

Medals Earned: 3/3 (70/70 points)

Escape Pico's Mansion

The Secret Room Unlocked 11/2/10
10 Points
Find the Secret Room
Die Unlocked 11/2/10
25 Points
Really? That's even possible?
Master Thief Unlocked 11/2/10
25 Points
Who's going to need a diamond anyway?
Gluttony Unlocked 11/2/10
50 Points
Get all the candy.
Escape! Unlocked 11/2/10
100 Points
You've gotten out and can go back to trick-or-treating!
Money Maker 10 Points Money won't buy back the time you wasted.

Medals Earned: 5/6 (210/220 points)

Escape Pico's School

Seriously? Unlocked 11/2/10
5 Points
Why would you even bother clicking on it?
Spare Time Unlocked 11/2/10
10 Points
The credits are over, why are you still walking?
What's That Smell? Unlocked 11/2/10
25 Points
You've successfully gotten into the janitor's closet!
Fire Starter Unlocked 11/2/10
50 Points
You've successfully started the fire to distract the principle!

Medals Earned: 4/4 (90/90 points)